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And thus Daniela came forth and spoke to me: "Behold! We have been in Ireland for nearly two weeks now and I have not been dunk yet!"
And I spoke to her: "Yes."
And Daniela spoke: "That is not quite what I expected from Ireland!"
And I spoke to her: "Yes."
And Daniela spoke: "Lets get very drunk!"
And I answered: "OK, lets go..."

Thus the legendary 1999 pub crawl was born. Daniela myself and some other fearless international students met the very same day in Dinn Ri where we instantly started drinking.

The following pictures tell the cronological story of the events...

The beginning in Dinn Ri. It was the day of the final of the Irish Hurling championship. Kilkenny played against Cork. And Cork won. We bought this T-Shirts the day before in Kilkenny and were very disappointed that Kilkenny did not win. These Bastards!

A few drinks later we decided to move to Tullys Bar. Mainly because it is located just on the other side of the road.

It was very nice there, but we decided to leave after one pint because there was still so much to see. So we crossed Tullow Street again and entered Buzzs Bar where Sebastian had to "convince" some of the girls to stay...

Our next station was The Owl. This time we had to walk for about 3 minutes! But we managed this challenge without any casulties and were therfore able to enjoy our well earned drinks.

Nobody was any longer able to make decisions at this stage and so we decided to return to the Dinn Ri, the place where everything started. We met some other people there and stayed for one more drink... maybe two more drinks... or maybe three?